Why Relaxation is the Key to Productivity

Did you know that US businesses lose, on average, upwards of $100 billion dollars on lost productivity per year?  Staggering number, right?  While there are many factors that attribute to this number, research has shown that the number one cause of lost productivity is due to stressed employees, with the numbers being even higher in the healthcare industry. This stress manifests itself in many ways – think about your typical [...]


Healthcare Recruiting Directly Affects Productivity

Healthcare hiring managers are constantly trying to improve their hiring practices, but have you considered how your hiring practices directly affect the productivity of your staff?  Probably not, however, the key to retention and providing quality care to patients is directly related. It is no secret that low productivity is crippling to your retention rates, and worse yet, your patient care.  In fact, recent studies indicate that more than $575 [...]

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