How Your Employee Experience Mirrors Your Customer Experience

“The customer experience” is something that most companies think about on a daily basis. We consider the various touchpoints that our brand is likely to engage a member of our target audience, and strategize ways to ensure that it is the best possible interaction as possible. With every engagement, we want to strengthen the relationship and the customer’s perception of the brand, in hopes that we retain them as a [...]


How to Improve Your Positive Leadership Skills

Employees who are happy are more likely to have higher levels of engagement and productivity, better end work products, and lower turnover rates. They are also likely to feel more fulfilled by their work, as well as seen and valued by their organization. For all of these reasons – and more – positive leadership can have an incredible impact. And you do not have to have a bottomless budget or [...]


Does Your Company Embrace Diversity?

Workplace diversity can come in many different forms – from colleagues who are different ages, races, and genders, from different religious, cultural, or socioeconomic backgrounds. There are multiple reasons that companies should do their due diligence to ensure that their staff has a broad representation of different types of people. Different perspectives are great for creative thinking and problem solving – basically, the more angles a challenge can be viewed [...]


How to Effectively Develop Female Leaders in Your Organization

The lack of female leaders – particularly in certain industries – is by no means a new issue. Experts have been discussing for years how companies can create environments that support women and help them advance to executive levels. It is a little strange that so many companies are being criticized for the lack of diversity in their management teams when studies have repeatedly shown that companies that are more gender [...]


The Senior Care Industry Seeks to Re-Staff with Out of Work Hospitality Talent

Since the beginning of the year, the novel coronavirus has affected essentially every industry across the country, if not the world. While some industries – like hospitality – have essentially ground to a halt, others – like the senior care industry – have needed to ramp up their staffing efforts. Even as the world begins to have some semblance of normal again, many hospitality workers are still suffering – and could be [...]


The Many Benefits of Active Adult Living Communities

In the senior care community, there has been growing discussion around a new type of residential facility: active adult living. This comes in addition to a couple of other care facilities that you are probably more familiar with, including independent living and assisted living. Each of these types of facilities has been designed to provide the right balance of care and independence that a senior both needs and prefers. Independent [...]


Are You Effectively Addressing Dysfunctional Teams in Your Organization?

There are lots of different types of dysfunctional teams. Some suffer from a lack of priorities or unclear roles and responsibilities; others try so hard to agree with one another and avoid conflict that there is little innovation. Another common problem is team members who are either too forceful with their own ideas or too apathetic. Any one of these dynamics can cause friction and deterioration within the group. The [...]


Discover Hidden Talent by Identifying these Character Traits

When it comes to developing your team and strengthening your company, it is often a good idea to promote from within. So, you start evaluating talent and considering who you should fast track to management positions, at which point you are likely to first consider the individuals who are the most visible or who have the loudest voices. But remember, there is not just one type of leader. In fact, [...]


How to Motivate Your Employees Going into Q4

We are now well beyond the halfway mark of the year – wow, time really does fly when you are in the midst of a global pandemic! Every year at this point, the best business owners and managers take some time to think about how they can keep morale and productivity high so that the company can go into Q4 motivated and everyone can finish out the year strong. But, [...]


3 Small Things to Help Balance a Rocky Work-Life

It is difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance at any time – not to mention when we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Look in any newspaper or any business blog or magazine, and you are sure to find dozens of articles talking about how the way we work is changing.  But it is not just our office life that is being affected. Everything from childcare to eating [...]

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