3 Hiring Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make

Hiring for healthcare – especially the senior living industry – is challenging. Not only are you looking for an individual with the right set of skills and experience, but who also has the right personality for the job and would be a good fit for your team. This is an industry that can be extremely taxing, with burnout and turnover rates that are much higher than average. You do not [...]


Are You Using Pre-Employment Assessments? You Should Be

Making a bad hire can be incredibly costly. You may bring someone new onto the team, only to find out that their experience working with senior citizens was greatly exaggerated and that you will need to make a significant investment in order to get them up to speed. Or – potentially even worse – it may be a bad fit from a personality perspective. And if your company culture suffers, [...]


Easily Distracted? It Is Time to Try These 4 Tips

I do not need to tell you that there are distractions everywhere! Before you even finish reading this short article, you might take a quick “break” or two to check your messages or social media feeds. Before we know it, an hour has gone by, and we have nothing to show for it. Of course, staying on task and focused is important in any industry, especially when you are directly [...]


3 Quotes That Can Inspire You to Lead (and Not Just Manage)

Even though the terms are often used interchangeably, there is a world of difference between being a good manager and being a good leader. Ideally, you would be able to fill both roles for your team – keeping the ship running efficiently while inspiring your employees to be the very best versions of themselves. As you already know, burnout in the senior care industry is incredibly high. This is due [...]


Need to Have a Tough Conversation? Do Not Make These 3 Mistakes

No matter how great your team is, you will always come across situations where you need to deliver bad news. Maybe you received poor feedback about one of your employees from a resident or another caregiver. Or perhaps some changes are being made to the facility or organizational structure that negatively affect certain team members. Unfortunately, there is no single script to follow that will ensure that it is a [...]


Why Leadership Presence Is Critical in Senior Care Facilities

When you have a strong employee lineup, it is often tempting to leave them to do their jobs autonomously, freeing management to focus on other things. However, your leadership team must have a regular and visible presence within your facility – not only actively engaging with employees at all levels but also amongst the seniors in your care. Reminds the team that someone is watching The chances are that you [...]


You Deserve a Raise/Promotion – This Is How to Ask for One

The past year and a half have been difficult for all of us, especially those working in senior living and care. On top of the stress of health and safety concerns, many employees have been asked to take on more responsibilities and longer shifts, often with no additional compensation. As things (finally) begin to return to normal, you may want to consider asking for a raise or promotion, reflecting the [...]


Are You Manifesting a Positive Attitude on the Job?

You have probably heard it said before: a smile is contagious. And while contagions are probably not something you want to be thinking about when it comes to senior living and care – especially not in the midst of a global pandemic – this one could actually make a positive difference in the workplace. Having a positive attitude literally costs nothing you nothing and can have enormous and far-reaching benefits. So, [...]


How to Strengthen Your Team for Exactly Zero Dollars

Team building exercises have a tremendous number of benefits. First, the better your staff knows and respects one another, the stronger the workplace culture and higher the productivity. The importance of this cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to the senior care industry. Working in healthcare can be incredibly draining. Between the long hours and the physical and emotional demand, it is no wonder that burnout is such a [...]


Are You Creating Opportunities for Advancement Within Your Company?

One of the questions most often asked during a job interview is, “what does a career trajectory look like within the company?” Individuals – especially those who are driven – want to know that they will have the opportunity to grow. If they begin to feel like they will be stuck doling out medications or cleaning bedpans for the foreseeable future, it is safe to assume that they will begin [...]

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