Aspen Finds the Certified Infection Control Preventionist You Need

Infections in healthcare settings (healthcare-associated infections, or HAIs) can be a costly problem. Your organization may face increased treatment costs for both the organization and the patient, increased care requirements that place more of a burden on staff, or even fines or litigation.

In addition to being a requirement by CMS, a Certified Infection Control Preventionist can make a big difference for your care quality standards and for avoiding these potential problems. These professionals are highly-trained specialists who promote a culture of safety; educate patients, families, staff, and the community; and advocate for recommended improvements to incorporate the best and most recent practices for hygiene, prevention, and safety.

Finding a Certified Infection Control Preventionist can be challenging. They can be hard to locate, and traditional avenues of job advertising don’t necessarily work well. Plus, you might not need a full-time person, just the right person with specific experience and expertise.

Aspen is the solution you need. We have an extensive database of Certified Infection Control specialists and can match your unique needs with candidates who have the exact expertise and credentials you need. We’ll make the 15 to 20 phones calls per person often required to reach qualified candidates, saving your staff time and energy, and we’ll work until we find a candidate who fits your requirements.

Full-Time or Contract Positions: Candidates Available for Both

Aspen provides Certified Infection Control Personnel for both full-time and contract positions. Our search solutions include full-time specialists to join your team, as well as contract workers for both ongoing initiatives and projects with specific hourly requirements.

We find people who have the certification, credentials, licensing, and experience, and place them in long-term care, acute care locations.

Why Choose Aspen?

Instead of spending time, energy, and money on an in-house search, let Aspen’s expertise smooth the process! We have an extensive database of these hard-to-find professionals, many of whom we have known for years, giving you fast access to a pipeline of highly-qualified candidates. Our team of professional recruiters can find candidates, make all the calls required to connect with them, pre-evaluate and qualify them, and finally submit quality candidates to you. It’s a process that works, saving you time and preventing problems.

Our team can help your organization find contractors to suit your needs. That means finding the person you need with no long-term commitment and with an understanding of the unique needs and responsibilities of the specific role at your organization.

HAIs are a serious matter, and you need seriously qualified professionals to ensure your locations meet the highest standards for safety. Address these issues quickly, before costs escalate.