Turning Errors into Opportunity

Making mistakes is a fact of business and life in general. However, errors never occur in isolation; they can have a great impact (negative or positive) on workplace morale. After a mistake is made, there can be a real impulse to either assign blame or just avoid addressing the issue at all. It can be really tempting to just want to move forward and forget that anything even happened. This, [...]


The Difference Between Recognition and Appreciation – And Why Your Employees Need Both

If you want to improve your workplace morale, keep up employee efficiency levels, and reduce the risk of turnover, your team needs to know that you care. There are a lot of ways to demonstrate this. Two of the most effective ways are through recognition and appreciation. Many leaders confuse these terms or believe that they mean the same thing, however, there is actually an important difference.  In this article, [...]


How a Vision Statement Strengthens Your Company: Today and in the Future

When you are in the midst of all of the work that needs to be done during the day, finding the time to focus on your company’s “brand” can seem impossible – or, at the very least, unimportant. However, this is a critical step that should not be overlooked. Not only can it have a big impact on your workplace morale and employee efficiency, but it can also determine how successful [...]


What to Do When the Honeymoon Period Ends

You probably are not surprised to hear that employees in their first year of work – in the senior care industry and others – are more engaged than those who have been at the company for longer. What you might not know, however, is that this number generally does not continue to decrease over time. The lowered engagement rates are the same for someone who has been there just over a year, [...]


An Argument for Mandating Employee Vaccination

More companies – particularly those in the senior care and health industries – are beginning to mandate that their employees have vaccinations. Specifically, the annual flu shot. Although, some organizations are also including additional immunizations, like pneumococcal and shingles. To help employees meet these requirements, companies are not only covering the cost of the vaccinations, but they are even providing the care on-site.  Overall, these new requirements have been positively received. Which [...]


How Focus Groups Can Shape and Grow Your Company

What does the future of our industry look like? What could our company be more efficient? How can we better address our clients’ needs? These are all important questions that most companies are (or should be) constantly grappling with. However, it can be difficult to focus on these “down-the-road” issues when we are so often inundated with work on a daily basis. For big, structural changes, it is important that companies [...]


Why You Need to Hire a Digital Marketer

It can be an incredibly difficult decision to transition a loved one into a senior care facility. There are so many unknowns during this time: Will they be well taken care of? What resources will be available to them? What will their day-to-day be like? Looking through pamphlets or reading online copy can be frustrating. It all starts to sound the same after a while, and does not really give [...]


How Employers Can Extend the Benefits of a Successful Onboarding Process

Ask any HR representative in any industry and they will tell you just how important the onboarding process is to employee satisfaction, workplace morale, and productivity. This is the time when the new hire not only learns about the company processes but also when they begin to build their own identity that is aligned with the organization. However, according to a recent study done in the senior living industry, it [...]


How to Communicate with Families During Crises

A good senior care facility is all about communication. Of course, there should be ongoing communication with loved ones that provide regular updates on current programs as well as the resident’s physical and emotional health.  However, there may also be extreme circumstances – such as a natural disaster – that will require thoughtful communication, fast. This problem with a situation like this is that there are so many people to communicate with [...]


The Right Balance of Staffing and Programming at Senior Care Facilities

When it comes to senior care facilities, programming is critical. Obviously, you want to have a full line-up of activities that your residents will enjoy. But, of course, there will be restrictions in terms of budget and staffing. The challenge is to find a happy balance of offerings and resources – without sacrificing quality for quantity. A great way to manage this is to have a mix of activities, led [...]

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