The Changing Work Culture in the Senior Care Industry

Like most industries today, there is a mix of represented generations that make up the staff and management. The senior living industry is no different, comprised of Baby Boomers (many of whom are retiring), Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z.  The individuals in charge will largely determine what the workplace culture is like. This is incredibly important when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. Individuals want to feel like [...]


Improve Residents’ Happiness by Focusing on Staff 

You may have heard the expression, “A rising tide raises all ships.” This is certainly true when it comes to satisfaction rates in service industries. Essentially, when employees feel content with their jobs, they perform better and pass on this same sentiment to the clients in their care.  It is safe to assume that the goal of basically every senior care facility is to have happy residents. Not only will [...]


How to Avoid Worker Injuries in the Senior Living Industry

When it comes to injuries sustained in the senior living industry, you are likely to immediately think of the elderly patients suffering a fall as a result of their decreased mobility. However, staff injuries are also a major concern that has many companies reconsidering and revamping their procedures.  Unfortunately, many incidents happen in the process of transporting patients to new locations. Over the past few years, this has become a [...]


The Senior Living Industry Has a Turnover Problem (And What to Do About It)

The senior living industry is comprised of a high number of entry-level workers, from caregivers to maintenance workers to housekeepers. However, compared to other industries that rely on staff with the same skillsets, senior living tends to see a higher rate of turnover. This may be a little surprising considering that studies have found that positions in aging services often have a greater number of applicants than industries hiring for [...]


Planning for the Year Ahead: How to Make 2020 the Best Year Yet

The end of the calendar is typically a time for contemplation. We think about all that we have accomplished over the past 12 months and – typically – also consider all that we wish we had done but were unable to for whatever reason. This year is especially significant as we will also be starting a new decade in the next few days.  Most of us are always looking for ways to [...]


Keeping Seniors Healthy in Their Golden Years 

For those working in the senior care industry, you are likely to find many articles about how important it is that you focus on your own health so that you are better able to care for those around you. And that is certainly true – particularly given the employee demand in this industry and the high rate of burnout.  It is so important to remember, however, that the role of senior [...]


Tricks to Reaching Peak Productivity Levels

Those of us who work in the senior care industry know how quickly the tasks can pile up. Especially with the growing number of senior citizens, many care workers are stretched thin and juggling more projects than ever. In order to meet this growing demand, it is important to be as productive and efficient as possible. Otherwise, there is a real risk that your work-life balance will suffer, and you [...]


Interviewing for a Senior Care Position? Prepare for These Questions

Maybe you are looking to start a new career in the senior care industry. Or perhaps you have worked in the industry for a while, but are hoping to move to a new company or position. Either way, you will soon be starting the interview process and want to be prepared.  There are some questions that you can always expect to hear in an interview, regardless of the industry, company, [...]


Why Seniors Should Plan for 2020

When it starts getting close to the end of the year, many of us take some time to reflect. We ask ourselves things like: What do we want to change or incorporate into our lives for the following year? How could we continue to better or improve ourselves? What do we hope to accomplish in the year ahead?  While many Americans regularly make New Year's resolutions, the majority of us [...]


Are You Showing Enough Gratitude to Your Employees?

A simple “thank you” goes a long way – especially when it comes to the workplace environment. In fact, workplace recognition is one of the biggest ways to keep company morale and productivity high, while reducing the likelihood of burnout and turnover. In this article, we will look at some of the biggest benefits that your company can expect from something as simple as showing gratitude.  Establishes a Sense of Ownership [...]

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