Aspen is here to help…

When it comes to finding the right people to fill important roles at your senior care or assisted living community, you need a partner with experience recruiting in the industry. With years of experience and extensive knowledge, the team at Aspen can help with all your recruiting and placement needs.

A Confidential Search

While many roles can be filled through a “typical” search process, with public job postings and open networking, others require more discretion. A confidential search can be just the solution your team needs.

When to use a confidential search:

A confidential search is a process that allows an organization to fill a role under particularly sensitive circumstances and with more privacy than a wide-net public search would grant. Organizations may require a confidential search under a number of scenarios, such as:

  • A key position is underperforming, but you can’t leave it empty during the search
  • A particularly high-profile position needs to be filled without tipping off the public and/or the competition
  • A promotion, internal reorganization, and/or internal layoffs occur, and you don’t want to make the vacancies and moves public knowledge just yet
  • Acquisitions happen or a facility or company is sold, and you need new people in key roles

Aspen can help with all your confidential search needs. Our discreet process works by avoiding public-facing avenues and avoiding using language that gives away information about the role. We also work to ensure privacy and data security around all communications throughout the search process, adding an extra layer of digital discretion.

Recruit Anywhere with Aspen

Senior living, assisted living, and related care professions are found in every corner of the country. Aspen has the skills to recruit for any location, anywhere. We have worked with clients in 48 states and counting, with only Maine and Alaska still to go!

Our approach is a multifaceted one, focusing on addressing the many complex needs that go into successful placements in this industry. We start with a robust network of contacts, digging deep into a wide variety of sources to build a pipeline of talent to fill any role. From cold-calling passive candidates to referrals from key performing colleagues, and even unexpected sources, our recruiting network is designed to help locate the top candidates for every search.

Throughout the process, our recruiting team works to ensure that we present opportunities in ways that are most likely to interest top talent. We don’t just present information about the job itself; we help candidates see the full picture of what their lives could look like. Care is at the core of our industry, and we center it in recruiting, from focusing on the benefits that provide a great quality of life for employees to offering perspective on the difference these candidates can make in the lives of elders you serve.

No matter what kind of role you’re recruiting for, Aspen can help! Talk to our team today.

Who We Recruit

Our expertise is in recruiting clinical and non-clinical professionals in senior housing and long term care. We specialize in identifying the top candidates in any market, for department management and above positions. Below are samples of our successful searches:

  • Executive Staff: C-level positions to include CEO, COO, CFO, CNO and VPs
  • Corporate Staff: human relations, project management, acquisitions and development
  • Regional Management: Directors for Operations, Clinical, and Sales & Marketing
  • Administrators, Executive Directors, and General Managers
  • Directors of Nursing, Wellness Coordinators and Directors of Clinical Services
  • Clinical Management Professionals to include ADON, SDC, MDS Coordinators
  • Community Relations Directors, Admissions Directors, and Leasing Coordinators
  • Department Management: Health Information, Therapeutic Recreation, Dining Services
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance Professionals

Why Clients Choose Aspen Associates

When clients partner with us, they appreciate that only the top finalists are forwarded discreetly and quickly with our recommendation for interview. We do not waste your time by flooding you with under-qualified candidates.