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How to Combat Loneliness in the Senior Living Community

Moving to a senior living community can be a difficult transition, especially when it is further away from family members and friends. Many seniors report feeling lonely, particularly at the beginning. These feelings have only been exacerbated over the past year with the global pandemic, which has kept many from being able to visit their loved ones as they normally would. In this article, we will go over some of [...]


How to Find Great Hires During a Global Pandemic

The healthcare industry – and particularly the senior care industry – has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus. Many facilities are now in the difficult position of needing to hire qualified workers, but wanting to do so in a way that is safe for all parties (and in accordance with CDC guidelines). Hiring people in the middle of a global pandemic is just as confusing and stressful as it [...]


Tips for Saying Positive in a Global Pandemic

For nearly an entire year, the coronavirus has been heightening tension and fear around the country. This can be particularly difficult for seniors who are not only more susceptible to the disease but may also be more likely to experience mood changes and have feelings of isolation. Keep in mind the following recommendations that can help you (or a senior in your care) feel calmer and better prepared for the [...]


Reflecting on 2020, and Setting Goals for 2021

To say that this past year did not work out as planned would be an understatement. Likely many of the goals that you had at the beginning of 2020 fell by the wayside as you were forced to deal with the many changes that came as a result of a global pandemic. While all industries suffered from uncertainties, the healthcare industry – and particularly senior care – was hit especially [...]


The Importance of Staying Active in Senior Living Centers

As we age, it becomes arguably more and more important for us to stay physically active. Many people go into senior care living programs and begin to lose their mobility as a result of retreating to a sedentary lifestyle, which can speed up the aging process. By exercising regularly, senior citizens can defer health issues like arthritis and heart disease, while keeping their brains sharp and morale high. In this [...]


3 Ways Senior Care Facilities Can Increase Interest in the Industry

The senior care industry is going to be in dire need of workers in the coming years. In fact, some reports suggest that a million additional workers are going to be needed in the workforce by 2025. This includes everything from nursing assistants to administrative support. This need for additional employees is a direct result of aging Baby Boomers and Gen Xers across the country, although most workers will likely [...]


How You Can Support Your Team’s Mental Health During a Global Pandemic

It is safe to say that the global pandemic has impacted all of our health. If not physically, certainly mentally, as many of us deal with increased stress, changes, and all-around uncertainty. Employees working in the healthcare industry – and particularly those in senior care – have been hit especially hard. Unfortunately, it looks like we will continue to be dealing with the virus and its aftermath for the foreseeable [...]


Three Ways to Encourage Better Communication

Regardless of the topic in business, communication is always going to be a top issue. This is especially true when talking about the healthcare industry, and particularly when it includes senior citizens who might have a more difficult time expressing their needs or concerns. Communicating with this patient group can be challenging to say the least. Not to mention, there is often the added difficulty of having to also communicate [...]


Do You Show Your Employees Enough Gratitude?

For individuals working in the healthcare industry – and particularly those within the senior care space – this year it might be difficult to feel grateful for very much. There has been an incredible amount of stress around trying to keep a particularly vulnerable group of people safe and healthy in the midst of a global pandemic. This year has also brought a lot of uncertainty, and the future is [...]


Planning for 2021: Your Brand, Clients, and Employees

The beginning of each new year reminds us to slow down and think about what can be improved. This same is true for businesses – especially those in the healthcare industry, which has been hit so hard over this past year. Senior care facilities are likely to still be impacted by the coronavirus for the foreseeable future. When you are in the middle of an ongoing global crisis, it can [...]

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