Attracting and hiring quality candidates is never easy, however, your hiring drought can become more difficult if you still follow old hiring practices.  As the hiring process continues to change, it is important that you stay current and avoid some of the common hiring myths, such as these…

  • In years past, it was solely the hiring manager that made the decision on who was hired. However, recent studies have indicated that a more hybrid approach is better.  While the hiring manager may take the initial steps based on criteria set by the department in need, it is those facilities that allow the people who will be working with the new hires to make the final decision.  Allow those will work with the new employee to be involved in the hiring process.
  • Once upon a time, the hiring manager would look for the perfect candidate that had the same values as the company, and if their skills were lacking – well they would teach them. This is not true today.  Company culture is important today, however, you must hire someone that has the necessary skill set for the job you posted.  The cost of training employees has increased substantially.
  • It is important to remember that not every employee that left your facility was a poor fit or a bad hire, just that maybe the circumstances were not ideal at the time. Never discount an employee that left, unless they were actually a bad fit.  Rehires are often a great option, when positions become available.  They require less training and are familiar with your process.

As finding quality candidates becomes harder and harder in the senior care industry, you should make sure you do not follow any of the old hiring myths.  Not only will these myths limit your candidate pool, but they may cause a higher turnover rate.

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