Do you struggle with getting calls for interviews, or receiving job offers for positions you are perfect for?  It may be because of several resume mistakes you have overlooked.  Your resume tells a story to the hiring manager, and when you have glaring problems with your resume, you will be passed over, time and time again.  Here are the 3 biggest resume mistakes you must avoid:

  • Gaps – no matter the reason for your gap in employment, to a hiring manager, it raises questions about what you were doing during that time. They will assume the worst in most cases, therefore, it is best that you leave no room for assumptions.  If you have a gap in your employment, fill it!  Add items to account for the missing time, by including skills used during that time.  For example, if you stayed at home to care for a child, you can list caregiver as your job title.  Where you looking for employment, but took some additional classes?  List that you were expanding your skill set.  The goal is to leave no date unaccounted for.
  • Hopper – have you bounced from job to job? Some hiring managers will see you as a job hopper, not able to commit and someone they are not willing to take a chance on.  You may have very good reasons for your “job hopping,” however, by looking at your resume, it will be lost.  Consider focusing on your skills utilized at each position, instead of the position itself.  This will take some pressure off the date and more emphasis will be on what you bring to the table.
  • Hider – do you make the hiring manager search for your skills that match the position they are looking to fill? Most likely, they will not go searching for what you have to offer.  You must be clear and concise about your skills and how they relate to the open position.  Make sure you highlight them where they will not be missed.

If you have any of these three mistakes on your resume, you must fix them immediately to start getting consideration in the job market.  Take the time to really cleanup your resume and soon you will see results.

Copyright: konstantynov / 123RF Stock Photo