The senior care industry is no stranger to employee turnover.  In fact, many facilities have seen their highest turnover rates, in the last few years.  As the workforce continues to retire, many hiring managers are faced with hiring younger workers with a completely different set of work ethics.

Several in the industry have learned to combat their turnover with enhancing their employee engagement.  This in turn, means your current employees will stay longer, lessening the number of new hires.  Here are some ways you can combat turnover with employee engagement:

  • Measure – it is important that you continually measure your employee’s satisfaction. A combination of anonymous surveys, and face-to-face feedback are needed to get a wide range of information.  Most importantly, if you go through the motions of measuring and gathering the information, you should make sure you do something with it.  Review the data, make changes where necessary, and communicate what you are doing to your staff.
  • Technology – as you hire younger employees, you will notice their love for technology. It is important to keep technology on the forefront, and continually introduce new technology into your facility.  By allowing your employees to use technology in their duties, you will have a great employee satisfaction rating and engagement will increase.
  • Balance – one of the most important elements of employee satisfaction and engagement is fostering and supporting work-life balance for your employees. As this has become the cornerstone to what job candidates look for today in their new employers, you must be aware and offer what they are looking for.

Hiring quality candidates will continue to be a struggle, therefore, it is important that you continue to look for ways to combat your employee turnover.  Look at these suggestions to create employee engagement that will lead to satisfaction and happy workers.

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