Every industry has certain issues when it comes to hiring and retaining employees, and the senior care industry is no different, however, many facilities are making big strides when it comes to their hiring process.  While you may be inclined to ask several questions related to the facility and some common problems, it is best to steer clear of those during your interview.  Here are a few questions you should never ask:

  • Turnover rate is typically high in the healthcare industry, and while senior care employees typically stay longer than most other positions, asking a hiring manager what their turnover rate is, may cost you the position. If you are looking for more information about culture and the team, you are better to ask how long has the hiring manager worked here, and ask the hiring manager to describe the culture.
  • Most likely advancement is important to you, but to ask how often do you promote people, will only end the interview on a bad note. Instead, you are better to ask the hiring manager to explain their developmental and training programs, and to explain their process.  This will show you are interested in learning and staying with the facility for the long haul.
  • Most positions will post the required hours; however, you may wish to know more specifics about the hours. Never ask what are the hours for this position.  Ask, what is a typically day for the team I would be working with, or you can even ask the hiring manager to explain their scheduling process and policies.  Most likely they will explain how their scheduling works, what is required of the position, and if they offer flexible schedules.
  • Many job candidates have been told to ask interviewers what they would change about the company, however, this can show disrespect. You are better to ask the interviewer what challenges you might face in the role.

Asking the right questions at your interview can mean the difference between a job offer and being passed over.  Make sure you do not ask these questions during your interview.