Depending on who you talk to in the senior care industry, you will hear mixed reviews about the state of hiring.  On one hand, many believe the industry is in a hiring slump and finding qualified candidates is difficult, however, on the other hand, many believe that is just a fallacy and there are plenty of good candidates available.  In fact, they believe it all comes down to what senior care job candidates are looking for in their work environment.

Whether you struggle to find candidates or you have plenty, it is important to understand what job candidates today are looking for when searching for senior care jobs.  Here are their top requests:

  • Candidates today are looking to work in positions that have purpose. It is important that you show and stress to these applicants, the purpose and importance of working in senior care.  Show them a direct link between the position and how they will help others, how they can advance, and how they can lead – you will have applicants applying for your job!
  • While the money is important, it is not as important to the newer generation workers. You cannot entice them with more money, in fact, you must have a wide range of benefits to satisfy workers today.  Everything from flex time, training programs, traveling positions, and more will spark the interest of today’s younger generation.  Consider looking at what you offer, make some adjustments, and you might find you suddenly have more candidates than you can handle.
  • Advancing, leadership, and training are important to applicants today. They are willing to start out in lower positions; however, they want a clear path to how they can advance their career.  Most are very goal driven, therefore, it is important that you provide specific programs where they can advance and grow.

Job candidates today are not necessarily looking for more money, they are very specific needs and wants.  Do you provide these?  When you understand what they are looking for, make adjustments to your programs, you will suddenly have plenty of qualified candidates.

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