The senior care and long-term care industry is quickly learning that they are in competition with local businesses for employees.  Businesses such as fast food restaurants, department stores, and even seasonal work are stealing capable job candidates from your industry, causing you to ask where to make the next hire?

As mentioned many times before, think outside the box.  Thinking outside the box is not easy for every long-term care hiring manager, but it is important to keep in mind that you are in the healthcare industry, and as such, there are certain things that you must comply with when it comes to hiring candidates, however, taking a page from some other businesses may help you find your next hire.

Consider some of the unique enticements that other businesses offer their candidates, such as helping pay for student loans and child day care.  While these may seem like silly benefits to offer and entice employees, these are important to a variety of available job candidates.  Other benefits that have proven helpful in attracting, hiring, and retaining job candidates in the senior care and long-term care industry include:

  • Offering a referral program for your employees. When they refer a candidate, they get a sum of money, typically between $250-$500 for each referral that is hired and stays a certain length of time.
  • Offering flexible scheduling is a big enticement to many youngers workers today.
  • One of the biggest offerings that many other long-term care facilities seem to be having lots of success with is having onsite life coaches available for employees. They are free for employees to use whenever they need help in any area of their life.

You may have to start looking for your next hire by enticing candidates that normally would work for other business in town.  Consider what you are offering your candidates and get creative!

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