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A New Way to Approach Your Job Search

Have you struggled with finding the perfect healthcare job?  Perhaps it is time to consider a new way to approach your job search.  Recently, many job candidates have begun applying the KonMari method to their job search and have gained exceptional results. The KonMari method is a system designed to help you declutter and organize your home, but when the same principles are applied to the job search, amazing things [...]


Job Search Questions to Ask Yourself

Being mentally prepared for your healthcare job search can be draining.  Looking for the perfect position is time consuming, stressful, and takes patience to find the perfect job.  To have the best experience possible during your job search, you should ask yourself these questions: What do you want? This may seem like an obvious question, which is why many job seekers never really take the time to address it seriously.  [...]


Be Prepared for Your Job Search

Whether you are currently out of work - or working, but looking for another position, there are several things you must do to be prepared for your job search.  You should be proactive in your job search, and as you will see, being prepared can prove to be beneficial.  Imagine being able to apply for your dream position the minute it become available – as you know timing could mean [...]

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