Being mentally prepared for your healthcare job search can be draining.  Looking for the perfect position is time consuming, stressful, and takes patience to find the perfect job.  To have the best experience possible during your job search, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want? This may seem like an obvious question, which is why many job seekers never really take the time to address it seriously.  If you do not consider what you “really” want, how can you look for the right position?  Take the time before you begin your search to consider what you want out of your next position.  Make sure you make a list, and rank them from most important to least – this will help you narrowing down your choices.
  • What are my skills? This question is important for a couple of reasons – first, you must understand the skills you have to market yourself to a potential employer, and secondly, after reviewing your skill set, you may determine you need additional skills to get the job of your dreams.  Take an inventory of your skills and use that list to help you determine your next steps.
  • What are my priorities? Every single person has a different set of priorities.  You must understand yours.  These will not only help you in determining cultural fit for a potential position, but can help you negotiate the position.  Make a list of the things that are important to you, and rank them from most important to least.  You would never accept a position that only had one or two of your lowest priorities, would you?
  • Am I looking for the right job? Now that you have reviewed what you want, made a list of your skills, and understand your most important priorities, you must determine if you are searching for the right positions.  Make sure that you are searching and applying for healthcare positions that are a good fit for you!

While there are a number of approaches you can take for your job search, you might wish to consider asking yourself some of these questions to determine if you are headed down the right path.

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