As hiring demands in healthcare increase, hiring managers are looking for ways to strengthen and streamline their processes.  Reviewing your current practices and understanding what can be improved will play a key role in you hiring the right employees.

The interview process seems to always be on the top of every hiring manager’s list, in relation to needing some tweaks.  Here are a few areas you should consider when reviewing your interview process:

  • It is important that you assess your current interview process. Look for what works, what needs improvement, and what is unsalvageable.  Once you understand your entire process, only then can you make the necessary adjustments to improve your interview process.
  • It is important in healthcare to evaluate the level of care and compassion a job candidate has. Many hiring managers have implemented behavioral assessments in their interview process to measure this.  These assessments will allow you to view a candidate’s behavior, which will give you a glimpse of their traits, personality, and temperament.
  • Collaboration has become increasingly important in interviewing job candidates. It may be beneficial if you move your process to a more collaborative interview – one where you interview your candidates as a team.  Not only will this save valuable time for all involved, but it typically will produce some great hires.
  • While you have heard the saying that consistency is key, it is true as well in your hiring process – to a point. Yes, you should be as consistent as possible, to foster organization and get the desired results, however, you should always be evaluating your process and making adjustments as needed.

Improving your interview process is a smart way to improve your overall hiring process.  You may even consider utilizing checklists, a scoring system, ranks, and even outlining your expectations for the perfect employee.  By implementing some of these practices outlined here, you can dramatically improve your hiring process, specifically your interview process.

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