Have you struggled with finding the perfect healthcare job?  Perhaps it is time to consider a new way to approach your job search.  Recently, many job candidates have begun applying the KonMari method to their job search and have gained exceptional results.

The KonMari method is a system designed to help you declutter and organize your home, but when the same principles are applied to the job search, amazing things happen.  Consider these tips below to help you declutter your job search:

  • The first element of KonMari is to sort things by category, not location. The same can be applied to your job search.  Take inventory of your passions, your past jobs, and identify what makes you happy.  Determine which jobs (categories) make you happy and target those activities in your job search.
  • The next element of KonMari is to discard first. This is true of your resume.  Discard the items that are no longer relevant on your resume, to make room for things that will make you shine.  Cluttered resumes typically do not get the attention a well-written, clean resume will get.
  • Similar to your resume, your cover letter should be decluttered as well. Remember, your cover letter is not a rewrite of what is on your resume, but a letter to introduce you.  It should be attention grabbing so the reader will want to continue, and look at your resume.  Show the reader who you are, not what you can do!
  • The element of KonMari, follow your intuition, is well related to the interview. Of course, make sure you are prepared for your interview, and fully engaged.  You need to trust your instincts in determining if this job is right for you.

The ultimate goal is to find the perfect job for you and your lifestyle.  Often, we get stuck in a rut when searching for the perfect job, therefore looking at a new way to approach your search can be a game changer.

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