Whether you are currently out of work – or working, but looking for another position, there are several things you must do to be prepared for your job search.  You should be proactive in your job search, and as you will see, being prepared can prove to be beneficial.  Imagine being able to apply for your dream position the minute it become available – as you know timing could mean missing your opportunity of a lifetime.

Here are some tips on being prepared for your job search:

  • Resume or CV – When was the last time you reviewed or updated your resume or CV? It is critical to a successful job search to have your resume or CV updated at all times.  Too many job candidates wait until they see a position to apply for, then try to update.  This often causes items to be overlooked and can cost you the job.
  • Personal Brand – What is your personal brand? Maybe you are not sure.  Many hiring managers and recruiters will search for you online, therefore you should take the time to build your personal brand.  Consider all your social media platforms and even set up a website.  It is recommended that you keep your personal and professional profiles separate, however, keep in mind that hiring managers and recruiters will view both.  Don’t wait until the last minute to set all of this up – building a brand takes time.
  • Networking – How often do you network? Networking in person and online have great benefits to help you in your job search.  Potential employers look for your networking connections.  Not only will this show you are passionate about your field, but it shows that you want to stay active.  Often, the same people that you network with will be the ones responsible for your next position.

Take these tips seriously and work at them every day.  When the time comes for you to apply for that dream job, you will be ready.

Copyright: serezniy / 123RF Stock Photo