As you prepare for your interview, it is important that you also prepare for some last-minute interview issues, that might throw you off your game.  While there is no way you can know every scenario that could happen at your interview, there are some common issues that seem to come up at the last minute.

  • What do you do when the interviewer is suddenly changed? You spent countless hours preparing, researching, and getting to know your interview, so when the person to interview is changed at the last minute, it may make you panic.  Take a deep breath, and remember the questions you were going to ask the other interviewer.  Chances are, you can spin those questions to fit the new interviewer as well.  As some specific questions about this person’s role.  Being able to adapt, will show the interviewer you are capable of change and can think quick on your feet.
  • What happens when you get the interview time wrong? So many job candidates fear they have lost the opportunity, simply get up and leave a facility, saying nothing.  You must understand that these things happen.  Your best course of action is to apologize for the mix-up and ask what would be a good time to reschedule.  While you may be embarrassed, the interviewer will typically understand and reschedule.
  • How do you respond to a bad interviewer? Interviewing is a skill that not every hiring manager has.  Unfortunately, you may come across an interviewer that is horrible, and somehow you will need to get through it and show how you are the best fit for the job at hand.  If you find yourself in a bad interview, it will be up to you to make sure you point out your key points to the interview.

You will encounter many types of interviews and interviewers during your job search.  It is important that you prepare for interview, and even some of the most common issues as discussed here.

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