As a hiring manager for long-term care, you probably get lots of “odd” questions from job candidates, however, one question seems to be asked consistently – how do you handle or address safety concerns that happen within the workplace?

While it is impossible to prevent every incident, many facilities have found ways to reduce their employee’s exposure to risks, and lessen hazards. Many job candidates will want to understand and know how you do this before accepting a position. Here are a few methods you might implement and explain to your job candidates:

• Implement a team of people, that oversee the risk management and security program. It is best to include a wide range of employees, for example, department managers, nurses, wait staff, etc. You can explain to your job candidates, they are responsible for analyzing all incidents, and developing protocols to prevent future ones.
• Safety training is a requirement, but letting your candidates understand how thorough you are with your training is a great plus in their eyes. Do more than the normal safety training, and always look to improve any safety precautions that help protect your workers and make a safer environment.
• While many facilities have had a workplace violence prevention plan in place for years, it is not until recently that it has become popular among all businesses. This type of plan is important not only for protection against violence happening with employees and patients, but also with visitors and other terrorists.

Safety is a big concern among job candidates today, including those working in the long-term care. You must understand all of your safety procedures and programs and be ready and able to explain them to your candidates. You should expect this question during the interview process.

In fact, many hiring managers have made safety a regular part of the interview. Explaining their programs and what they do to keep everyone safe. How will you address safety concerns from your candidates?

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