It is no secret there has been a problem finding, attracting, and retaining candidates and employees in the senior living industry.  With more competition, a caregiver shortage, and a change in the workforce, facilities are faced with trying to engage employees in the senior living industry.

As the needs and expectations of the workforce continue to change, it is to your benefit to find ways to engage your employees.  There are dozens of reports that indicate employee engagement has a direct effect on employee performance, and quality of care to patients.

Here are a few ways you can engage your employees:

  • It is critical that you start engaging employees, when they are still job candidates. It is important to offer mentoring, formal orientations, and specific training programs to all during their pre-hire to hire phase.  It is important that you track their progress and communicate with them often throughout the process.
  • Satisfaction of the candidate/employee is important to them engaging in the facility and all it has to offer. Do not be afraid to ask your new employees directly how they are doing, how is the new hire process, etc.  Be sure to act quickly on any feedback given to you.
  • Communication is the number one complaint among job candidates and new hires. You must communicate often during this time.  This communication builds trust and builds a solid relationship, which the key component of employee engagement.
  • Make sure that you recognize those that have gone the extra mile. A job well done goes a long way with new hires (with any employee, really).  Reinforcing these positive behaviors helps set the tone for what is expected and more will come.

Many studies have shown that employees who are engaged in their facilities and their overall work, have better patient quality.  Take the time to make sure your employees are engaged in their jobs, and if not, consider some of the tips above.

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