Hiring managers across many industries continue to struggle with their recruiting, including those in the healthcare and long-term care industry.  The difficulty of filling open positions may have many reasons, however, ensuring recruiting success is something that every hiring manager must take seriously.

As you know, reviewing and making changes to your hiring process are critical to your hiring efforts, however, to overcome some of the toughest obstacles, you must consider these areas to set up your hiring success:

  • It is no secret that technology has become very important in the hiring world today. In fact, recruiting technology is continually changing.  Staying current with the trends and technology used in hiring candidates, will help you keep your edge over other hiring managers who choose not to embrace this technology.  Make sure you keep current and look at new tools to help you reach the candidates you really want!
  • While competition can be tough, your competition is also your best way to collaborate on new techniques. The real truth is, many hiring managers today find that by sharing information among other hiring managers and recruiters, they can stay current with trends.  Look outside the healthcare industry and see what others are doing to be successful in their recruiting efforts.  Many of the same efforts can be used in your hiring process.
  • Flexibility is something that did not exist much in the past hiring world, however, with work life balance and company culture becoming so important to job candidates, you must be flexible to attract candidates. Make sure that you know how flexible you are willing to be on certain items that are important to job candidates today.

Attracting and retaining healthcare candidates can be highly competitive in today’s market, however, if you consider some of these suggestions, you might find you have the upper hand in your recruiting success.

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