You did it, got a second interview!  While you may feel excited about the second interview, most often candidates bomb the next interview, for a few simple reasons.  You must realize that just because you got the call, does not mean that you are guaranteed the job.  In fact, many hiring managers today are conducting multiple interviews for very specific reasons – to see how you will respond.

As you head to your second round of interviews, make sure you do not make these mistakes:

  • Just because you made it through the first round, does not mean you do not have to prepare for the second round. Continue your research on the facility you are visiting, if you know who you will meet with the second time, research them and their roles with the facility.  You probably asked several questions about specifics of the healthcare position during your first interview, so make sure that you prepare evidence you can support what they are looking for.
  • Many job candidates get cocky during the second interview. Do not go in thinking the job is yours and start making bold requests.  You still need to prove yourself and your skills to the next interviewer.  It is about again selling your skill set and showing how you can benefit them if they hire you.  You are not hired yet!
  • Remember that this is still a formal interview. It is important that you keep your composure and professionalism.  If you become too casual in your conversation and start talking relaxed with them, as if you were their best friend, or already hired – you may find yourself applying again elsewhere.

Making these mistakes during your second healthcare interview, may cost you the job of your dreams.  Keep in mind it is still an interview, and you still must prove yourself and your skills to get the job offer.

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