The demographic in senior living is about to change dramatically. Early Baby Boomers are well into retirement, and younger people in this generation are looking towards their future. If the numbers of people in this demographic are not daunting enough for senior living professionals, their preferences in senior living environment may require communities to rethink their programming.

The next generation of seniors are the individuals behind the counterculture movement of the 1970’s. Woodstock, free love, peace, and Eastern philosophy defined their youth. While many hung up their tie-dyed shirts and bell-bottomed pants, they held onto some of the higher consciousness and Eastern practices.

As this generation has aged, they have been able to remain healthy and active thanks to their openness of a combination of modern Western medicine and Eastern wellness. These seniors understand that overall health is not only comprised of physical wellbeing, but also mental wellbeing. While they may see the benefits of traditional medicine, they are not adverse to other treatments such as acupuncture, acupressure, and massage to treat certain conditions.

Baby Boomers have embraced all types of physical activity, especially yoga and Tai Chi. They are also more interested in group sporting activities and traditional gym-based training including weight training and crossfit-type classes. While senior living communities have always offered active programming, they may find that these programs will need to be reviewed.

The addition of wellness programming that has not necessarily been the norm at senior living communities will be in high demand as remaining Baby Boomers begin moving into senior care. The availability of spa-type services such as massage, and Eastern Medicine treatments such as acupuncture, acupressure, and naturopathic consultations will be in demand.

The availability of a full service gym with group programs that include yoga, pilates, weight training, group sports, and personal training will be attract the most active seniors who wish to remain physically and mentally strong.

The face of senior living is changing, as are their demands. Integrating more wellness services into your senior living community will allow you to attract new residents, as well as attract great talent who are eager to work with modern seniors.

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