For most senior living and long-term care facilities, technology in regard to wellness is often reserved for the staff, however, more and more facilities are learning that wellness tech and senior living go hand in hand.  In fact, those facilities that embrace this technology see happier patients and employees.

As more seniors become comfortable with technology, it only stands to reason that they will want more advanced technology when they reach senior living facilities.  Their families as well will want to see current technology to help their loved one feel comfortable and help them stay in touch.

There are have been several facilities that have embraced the wellness revolution with technology and have discovered that in the senior world, this immersion helps emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual factors for these seniors.

These smart communities are able to incorporate the latest technology into everyday tasks and activities.  For example, they have put voice activated technology (such as Amazon’s Alexia) in the walls and ceilings.  Residents can simple speak when they need something instead of pushing a button and waiting for a caregiver.

Imagine all that your smart phone or smart tv can do and imagine implementing similar things into the senior care facility.  Control lights, thermostats, locks, and so much more!  It is more than just providing Wi-Fi to everyone throughout the facility, it is about providing conveniences backed by technology.

This includes all of the latest medical technology available.  Imagine when a senior does a workout, the machine gathers their fitness data and relays that to the appropriate department automatically.  When they consume a meal, the information is gathered and recorded in their daily records.  Making everything available to their caregivers, in real time, whenever it is needed.

Wellness tech and senior living are here to stay and can give your seniors a better experience.  Have you considered added some technology to your facility?

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