When You Should Hire a Recruiting Firm

If you’re recruiting to fill a key role in the senior care and assisted living niche, you may wonder whether to hire a recruiting firm or handle the search in-house. In many cases, partnering with expert recruiters can save money, accelerate timelines, and achieve better results – and there’s a good reason why.   A Recruiter Can Save Time and Reduce Cost If you’re trying to stick to a tight [...]


Healthcare Recruiting Directly Affects Productivity

Healthcare hiring managers are constantly trying to improve their hiring practices, but have you considered how your hiring practices directly affect the productivity of your staff?  Probably not, however, the key to retention and providing quality care to patients is directly related. It is no secret that low productivity is crippling to your retention rates, and worse yet, your patient care.  In fact, recent studies indicate that more than $575 [...]

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