As you prepare for your job search and interview, consider this question – can you tell a story?  Interviewing is difficult for most people, in fact, studies indicate that it is one of the top five things people would avoid doing in their lifetime if they could.

While you may not like interviewing, it is part of the process when looking for a job.  The important piece you need to remember, is that the hiring manager you are going to speak with has talked to lots of other candidates before you, and likely after you.  They are looking for more than just regurgitated facts from your resume.

Learn to tell a story about your experience and skills.  It is more compelling and typically will provide more proof than agreeing to stats on your resume.  It is important that before you go for your interview, you have thought through several stories that showcase you.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when telling your story:

  • As humans, connections are important, and typically what drive us to make the decisions we do, therefore, it stands to reason that if you tell a compelling story that draws in the listener (the hiring manager), you have a better chance of connecting with them. It has been proven that when given the same set of information, when hearing the information in a story format, that person will be remembered over the other that just gave facts.
  • There is no secret there are challenges in everyday life, however, most job candidates have a difficult time providing proof to a hiring manager that they can handle the challenges thrown at them. Make sure your story shows how you handled the problem, showing that you can solve challenges that come your way.
  • Boring data can paint a small picture of your skills, however, when you tell a story about how that data came to be – suddenly, it shows a masterpiece.

At your next interview, considering the story versus restating facts.  You may find the interview easier, more engaging, and you will give the hiring manager more valuable information.  Can you tell a story?

Copyright: ivelinradkov / 123RF Stock Photo