It is no secret that the hiring process is stressful for many job candidates.  In fact, many candidates will turn down a position or lose interest in a position if the stress is too high.  It is to your benefit to identify and remove stress factors from not only your hiring process, but from your onboarding process, to attract top talent.

Here are some suggestions in removing stress to attract candidates to your open positions:

  • You already know that work-life balance is important to job candidates today, therefore, you must keep this in mind during the hiring process. The work-life balance does not begin after they are hired, it begins the moment they apply for the position.  Make sure you keep your process streamlined and offer options when requiring completion of items.
  • The number one complaint among job candidates is that the hiring process is drawn out and takes too long. Do not assign too many tasks during the process, as this will turn off the candidate.  Determine what is most important and make sure it is convenient and easy to complete.
  • The fear of the unknown if often a deterrent for many job candidates. If they are new to your facility, they may not understand the dynamics.  Remove the stress of the unknown by allowing the candidate to shadow an employee in the same position, or view first-hand what is required in the position.
  • Financial burden is a very real concern for many job candidates today.  Imagine being in their shoes and being dragged through a hiring process that takes a month.  Most candidates cannot financially survive that.

Stress can be a killer for attracting top talent and job candidates in general.  If your hiring process and onboarding process is not streamlined, you may be causing more stress than is needed.  Take the time to evaluate your hiring process and make changes as suggested here.

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