As you know, there is a shortage of senior living workers, and it is only expected to get worse over the next ten years.  This makes it critical to your hiring process, that you find a way to gain the attention of the millennial generation, and more importantly, hire them.

Here are a few ways in which you can attract the millennial generation to your open senior healthcare positions:

  • Brand – what is your brand and does it really matter? The short answer is yes, it does matter to a millennial.  This generation is very interested in the company brand.  You should develop a brand that conveys your values and showcases your culture.  Your online presence will determine your attraction to millennials.  Make sure that you clearly define and highlight your successes, purpose, and benefits working for your company.  Outlining this information will give you an advantage to attracting and hiring millennials.
  • Technology – recent studies have shown that this generation prefers working for companies that are advanced in technology. Technology is a way of life for these candidates, therefore, implementing the latest technology into your business will help boost your chances of attracting these candidates.  Consider the technology you currently use – do you need to upgrade some technology?
  • Marketing – the millennial generation is more interested in obtaining a profession than just a “job.” They are looking for purpose, opportunity for advancement, and personal fulfillment.  They are more willing to dedicate their working life to a profession, then a job.  Review your marketing strategies to make sure that you answering these aspects.
  • Understand – your chances of attracting and hiring millennials will increase greatly when you understand this generation. Do a little research on this generation and understand completely what they are looking to accomplish with their career, it is very different than past generations.

Attracting millennials to your senior living positions is not difficult, but may require different hiring practices than you have done before.  Consider these tips for your organization.

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