The shift to value-based healthcare has paved the way for some big changes in organizations of all sizes.  From employee communication to the hiring process, the transition has many hiring managers worried and unsure how to comply with this massive change.  Here are a few tips and best practices to keep in mind, as you work through these changes:

  • Hiring Practices – while skills for value-based care remain the same as skills needed during fee-for-service care, additional skills may be needed with the transition. Skills such as communication, analytical thinking, and collaboration will be more important.  Hiring managers will need to adapt their process to include looking for these additional skills.  Looking for candidates that have adaptability will prove to be difficult for some hiring managers.  Prioritize these skills in your hiring process, and you will find engaging candidates.
  • Innovation – this new way of delivering health care will open the door for more innovation. Job candidates that are innovative and forward thinking will be great candidates and employees.  Emphasize improvement, empowerment, and innovation during your hiring process.  Implement a program that will allow employees to make suggestions regarding patient communication, increasing efficiency, and reducing errors.
  • Training – education of your workforce will become an important piece of the transition to value-based care, however, it will start during your hiring process. Job candidates will look for employers that offer formalized training programs.  Ensuring continuum of care will become impossible without an engaged and informed workforce.  Show that you encourage self-education, but also that you offer training via online videos, seminars, and hands-on teachings.

Value-based care is here to stay, therefore collaboration among every employee will be critical to its success and the patient’s continued care.  Hiring managers will be pivotal in making sure that the workforce can work together.  It all starts with your hiring process and will continue through onboarding, and beyond.

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