More and more healthcare hiring managers are asking job candidates to tell them what salary they want when they apply for a position.  This can be scary to any job applicant, and can even result in some candidates turning down a position because they simply are fearful of what to say.  This fear has been fueled by several myths, and many believing that companies will use this method as a trick to weed out anyone that asks for “too much” money.

The fact is, you should negotiate for a salary you believe you are worth.  That does not mean to pick a number out of the sky – do your research and make sure that you can back up your worth with documented skills and experience.  If you are still unsure about salary negotiation, here are a few more myths you should be aware of:

  • You should never negotiate salary.   There are many factors that contribute to deciding on a salary figure, such as education and experience.  Many hiring managers will offer positions at their base salary or entry-level salary range, in hopes that you will negotiate a fair salary.  Many hiring managers look at salary negotiation as a reflection on how you view your skills.  Accept what is offered, even though it is below what you should be making, and you might come across as timid or not sure of your skill level.  Be cautious of being too aggressive with your negation, as you could have the reverse affect.
  • I will offer a low salary bid, they will hire me because I am low and give me more.   Just as mentioned above, go too low on your salary bid and you will be viewed as having no faith in your skill level.  Just because you bid a low salary does not guarantee you will get hired, nor does it mean they will give you more than you ask for.  Make sure that you are comfortable with your salary bid.  Base it on your skill and experience level, and show results to back it up.
  • I will just give them the average salary dictated by the economy, and will get hired.   While many hiring managers will consider the economy in their hiring decision, they typically will look at salary bids based on the information presented by the job candidate related to skill level.

Be careful when you do your salary negotiations that you do not base it solely on your financial needs.  It should be based on your experience and skill level.  Do not shy away from negotiating your salary.  Be informed and present why you chose that number.  You might be surprised by the results.

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