Do you have leadership experience?  Leadership is an important skill in every industry, however, most in the medical field underestimate how vital it is to include on their resume.  If you have any leadership experience, here are the reasons why you must include it on your resume:

  • Leadership experience is helpful when interacting with patients. You must be able to handle difficult and stressful situations, calmly.  This can happen often when dealing with hurt, scared and confused patients.  Being able to take charge in these situations, will make you viewed as the authority figure, the patient will listen to and respect.
  • Managing or supervising a team requires leadership skills. Perhaps the position you are applying for now does not have this role, but you may wish to move into a position with these required skills.  Demonstrating these skills on your resume will put you in a better position as your career grows and other roles become available.
  • Situations occur in the medical field every day, which may require someone to step up and use leadership skills to get through a tough situation. Hiring managers want to hire candidates that have these skills.  Not only does it mean you can step up in an emergency, but that you most likely have empathy and compassion, which is often needed in emergency situations.
  • Leaders are usually good communicators, something that is needed in the medical industry. Not only can you think on your feet, but you can communicate clearly to the appropriate people.  This is useful when communicating with patients, other healthcare personnel, and colleagues.

Leadership is an outstanding quality.  Listing this skill on your resume is especially important when working in the medical industry, as so many positions need leadership attributes.  Make sure that you include this skill on your resume, and show how this skill has helped you in your career.

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