Company culture has become the number one challenge for most businesses and hiring managers today.  Employees and job candidates are looking to work for companies that have a cultural fit aligned with their career goals, ideals, and personality.  This has led many businesses to find ways to improve their company culture, including those in the healthcare sector.

Culture has been described recently as the personality of the company, a powerful component that can define your work atmosphere, work relationships, and work product.  While not every employee will be a fit for your culture, it is important that you understand and cultivate a cultural that everyone will thrive in.  Here are a few things you should review when improving your company culture:

  • Your mission, vision, and values should be clear and concise. It is important that these elements remain clear, as employees and candidates will look to these definitions to determine how these will contribute to their success.  Make sure that the concept can be relayed so everyone will understand.
  • The core values of the company will correlate with rewarding excellence. Do not be stingy here.  Recognize those that have embodied the core values and company culture, and pave the way for others.  Recognize wins of all sizes, praise individuals and teams, and compliment your employees regularly.  Letting your employees know they are not unnoticed, will go a long way in building the company culture other job candidates will want.
  • Communication seems to be the backbone of a good company culture. Companies’ that clearly communicate the objectives, performance, and initiatives of the company, find that their employees have an ownership sense and develop great loyalty and dedication.

As the hiring manager, of course you want to hire a job candidate with top talent, however, determining the cultural fit is just as important.  Take the time to build the company culture you want, and that others will seek out.

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