As healthcare needs continue to rise, many hiring managers throughout the industry are concerned about the drought in staffing.  With more than one million healthcare workers needed in the industry, many hiring managers are facing staffing challenges, including attracting and retaining employees.

As you look for innovative ways to attract and retain your personnel, you might wish to consider employee engagement a solution to your staffing challenges.  Transforming your company into a culture of employee engagement will have multiple benefits, including:

  • Job candidates are searching for employers to work for who have a rich company culture. Most potential employees will research a company before considering working there to make sure the culture will be a fit for them.  When you implement a culture of employee engagement, you will suddenly attract the perfect candidates for your open positions.
  • Businesses that have fostered employee engagement, have seen higher employee satisfaction, which has led to increased employee retention. Negativity can impact your business in many ways.  More than 70% of employees admit to being happy in their job when they feel connected in the workplace.
  • Increased productivity has been directly linked to employee satisfaction on the job. When you engage your employees to become part of the overall company goals, you are allowing them to connect with the company, and make them feel like what they do matters.  This is all part of increasing employee satisfaction, which in turn will increase employee productivity.

Many healthcare businesses have seen the direct impact employee engagement has on their overall business.  From financial to the hiring process, engaging your employees will help solve many of your staffing challenges.

During this time in healthcare history, where patient satisfaction is critical to the overall success of the business and continued well-being of the patients, employee engagement is critical.  To ensure you are poised for success and face less staffing challenges, consider the direct impact employee engagement will have on your business.

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