As with every other job candidate out there today, you are constantly looking for ways to make your resume stand out from the crowd.  You want to get noticed, and land the interview for your dream job in senior healthcare, but instead you struggle to even get a call back.  It might be because you have some resume killers that are preventing hiring managers from calling you.

Resume killers will keep the hiring managers away and you will struggle to find any job.  Here are some resume killers you must stay away from:

  • Trying to impress a hiring manager with lies or stretched truth will always come back to haunt you. Do not say you are fluent in another language if you are not.  Do not say you have experience working with senior care if you have never worked in the field.  Hiring managers will seek out specifics on your resume via their research on social media, online, and in other ways.  They will be able to determine if what you have included is true – so never stretch the truth!
  • Hiring managers look at resumes all day long, the last thing they want to see is another resume that has “put” in industry jargon. Not only does this make the resume difficult to read, but they can tell you filled it in with this jargon to make it sound impressive.  It is not!  Stick with showcase your skills and show how you can help them.
  • Many professional resume writing firms are instructing job candidates to include a picture of themselves on the resume. Adding a picture to your resume is a killer!  You do not need to add an image, as when the hiring manager does their research on you, they will see pictures of you on your social media profiles.  Save your resume for important information and facts.

Once you stop using these resume killers, you will notice more calls, and possibly an offer for the job of your dreams.

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