Teamwork is nothing new in the medical industry, however, more emphasis is being placed on the importance of team collaboration now in the long-term care and senior care industry.  For years, teamwork has played a large role in the care of patients, and it is no surprise that it is becoming more prominent in the long-term care industry.

With more and more providers using telemedicine, and more long-term care facilities looking at the positive outcomes with telemedicine, it is important to embrace how this will work within the established team caring for a patient.  Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when you look at your team collaboration:

  • It is important to continually evaluate if your team collaborations are working. Ask the question, is this collaboration working?  This important question will give you the tools to determine which teams are working well and which need a little help.
  • Once you identify which teams work well together, determine the secret of success within that team. Is it the culture?  Is it the clearly defined roles?  Determining why a team works so well, will help you develop best practices for other teams within your facility.
  • Make sure you understand the norms within your successful teams. Observe, communicate, and understand fully how they work so well together!
  • It is important that you check in consistently with all your teams. Show each team the importance of collaboration, not only within the team, but with other teams in your facility.  Everyone has one common goal – best care for the patient.

Team collaboration is nothing new in long-term care or senior care, however, ensuring that these teams work well may be something new.  The bottom line is that when all team members work well together the patient will have a better experience.  This typically means happier patients and families, happier employees, and better care!