As the long-term care and senior care industry continue to change and struggle hiring employees and gaining new patients, many executives are looking at possibly hiring chief happiness officers.  Many other industries have been using CHO’s for years with great success, which begs the question, do you need to hire a CHO?

Many of the facilities that have hired a chief happiness officer have noticed a large difference in not only their hiring, but also in their patient satisfaction.  The sad truth is that in the long-term care industry, more than 1.2 million workers will be needed by 2025, yet there is a great shortage of qualified workers to fill those positions.

By hiring and utilizing a chief happiness officer, the core values and culture of the facility can be shown in the forefront to attract, hire, and retain valuable, qualified employees.  The facilities that have implemented this concept have seen an increase in employee happiness, which in turn, shows in their work and creates happier patients.

Larger companies such as Hilton, Facebook, and Aetna have implemented a CHO with great success, and now many other industries, such as long-term care, are looking to capitalize on some of those rewards.  Implementing a CHO does not mean you need to hire another person.  In fact, many companies that have a chief happiness officer, have added the role to another executive, such as the CEO.

With unemployment at the lowest it has been in years, and the need for qualified employees growing substantially in long-term care and senior care, it is important that you find ways to not only attract candidates but are able to hire them and retain them.  The normal churn and burn mentality in this industry needs to change and hiring a chief happiness officer may be just the right solution!

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