As many healthcare hiring managers struggle to find talent, many are stumbling to attract the kind of candidates they want.  Why?  Maybe it is time you review your recruitment strategy and learn what healthcare workers really want these days.  Consider these things job candidates are looking for today:

  • Work-life balance. You have heard this so much lately, you are probably sick of hearing it.  However, the newer generation of candidates are insisting on a better work-life balance than candidates in the past.  Many job searchers today will not even consider a company until they understand how the company and the position will relate to their life balance.  If you want to attract candidates, you must look at the benefits and perks you are offering in relation to work-life balance.
  • Compassionate workplace. Every employer believes they are a compassionate employer, but when was the last time you did something for the community or volunteered?  This is what job candidates are looking for today.  They want to give back to their communities and want to work for employers that do the same.  Do a review of your community involvement, and make sure that it is well known throughout the company and community.
  • Loan Repayment Programs. This is nothing new.  For years, healthcare employers have had a variety of different student loan debt repayment programs.  How is your program, or do you even have one?  The newest generation of job candidates today, are insisting on these programs to help them manage their debt.  Take a look at your program and see if what you are offering is competitive and worthy of a look by a new hire.
  • Do you have a mentor program?  Most healthcare employers do not, yet this is something that many of the new job candidates are looking for.  These new candidates have goals and want to advance in their careers, and mentorship is a part of that career path.  It is important that you provide this to them, as you will gain strong leaders and strengthen your workforce.

While many healthcare workers are looking for the normal benefits that come along with any job, many are searching for these specific benefits.  Do you have these in your recruiting arsenal?

Copyright: Kurhan / 123RF Stock Photo