Interviews in the healthcare industry are different, there is no question about that, but did you know that the majority of interview questions you will be asked are behavioral questions?  When you prepare for your interview, you should consider these types of questions.  Here are a few of the behavioral interview questions you must know for your next interview:

  • There will be plenty of questions about teamwork. The hiring manager or recruiter will be looking for answers that will illustrate your ability to work with others on the job, and how you will handle stressful or challenging situations.  Questions may include, asking you to tell them about someone you worked with closely, about a situation where there was conflict within your team and how you handled it, and even how you build relationships with your teammates.
  • Working with patients, there will be plenty of questions regarding your customer service skills. You may be asked questions such as to describe a time where making a good impression on a patient was important and how you handled that, tell them about a time you did not meet a patient’s expectations and how you handled the situation, and how you interact with difficult patients.
  • Adapting in any healthcare position is a staple of the job, therefore, how you adapt to change is important. You will be asked many questions that will refer to your ability to adapt, such as, tell me about a situation where you were under a lot of pressure and how you handled it, and telling them about a time where you failed and how you got through it.
  • Time management and communication are two of the most common behavioral questions asked today. They will want you to explain how you stay organized and keep on schedule, as well as how you communicate with team members, patients, and other healthcare personnel.

While many of these questions may seem easy enough to answer, being prepared ahead of time to answer them will help you greatly during your interview.

Copyright: bialasiewicz / 123RF Stock Photo