Due to the regulatory environment of healthcare, many hiring managers feel they cannot utilize social media for their recruiting efforts.  However, social media has proven to provide exceptional results for recruiting top talent in every industry, including healthcare.  Here are some tips on using social media to attract healthcare talent:

  • Using social media for your recruiting and hiring efforts should be more than posting some content. You must foster conversations with potential candidates, engage them in concerns surrounding your industry, or new innovative research.  The key is to engage in conversations to get everyone talking and create a buzz.
  • Consider creating and dedicating some separate pages to your career information and jobs. Provide information that will allow potential candidates to learn about you, what it is like to work at your facility, and how you support cultural fit.  Work-life balance is important to job candidates today, so sharing this information is beneficial in many ways.
  • It is important you are genuine and authentic in your social media posts. Make them sound natural, warm, and friendly.  Those that use social media daily, will spot fake a mile away.  You will never attract that talent.
  • Culture is important to job candidates today, therefore use social media to show your company culture. Share photos, videos, and allow employees to post.  This will show job candidates that you support your employees and foster an environment where they will be comfortable working.
  • Offering tips to job candidates is a great way to show how much you care and want to encourage your readers to apply. Make sure to offer a wide variety of tips that will help them understand more about your company and what you are looking for – resume tips, interview tips, and even skills you are looking for.

While all of these tips are important and will help you attract great talent, it is important that if you utilize social media to attract talent, you respond to all posts.  If all your do is post and never answer any questions, or respond to any comments, you will still be overlooked.  Go ahead and use social media to attract healthcare talent – you will be glad you did!

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