As the healthcare industry continues to change and struggle with workforce acquisition, retention, engagement, and communication, many leaders are looking to face unique challenges head on.  In a recent healthcare summit, many leaders discussed how they believe their biggest workforce challenges are ahead of them.

In fact, the very question of what is the biggest challenge you will face in 2018 was asked, and not surprisingly the majority cited HR challenges, such as:

  • Culture – one of the biggest challenges seen in the healthcare industry today is disengagement of the workforce. Not only does this contribute to dollars lost, but disengaged employees drive turnover rates.  It was suggested at the summit to find ways to enhance engagement, drive productivity, and foster a culture, employees want to stay in.
  • Talent – no surprise was the discussion of the inability to find talent. Suggestions were made that bolstered the importance of training.  You cannot build a great team (a great culture) if you do not create a process that allows for training and development.  The level of attention given to newly hired talent is significantly lower in this industry and must be changed.
  • Competition – the old saying, “a little competition never hurt anyone,” still stands true today. It was suggested at the summit that hiring managers need to embrace the competition, work harder to win over candidates, and put together a strategy that involves their outstanding culture.  This will resolve many of the struggles encountered with competition.

There is no denying there are troubled waters and tough times ahead for the hiring managers and recruiters in the healthcare industry.  However, there are things that can be done to change your fate!  Consider some of these tips gleaned from the healthcare summit and make some of the biggest workforce challenges ahead a thing of the past.

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