Is senior care innovative?  Depending on who you ask, you will get a variety of answers, however, most agree on one thing – most senior care and long-term care have become cookie-cutter and less intuitive to the patients needs.  The fact is that innovation and long-term care must go hand in hand if the industry wants any chance of surviving.

While this may be hard to hear and accept, the truth is that many in the industry have become complacent, instead of paying attention to more strategic planning.  Identifying actions that will allow your facility to stay innovative will not only help your bottom line but will attract more residents.

It is important that you think bolder and gain a deeper understanding of what your residents want.  Their desires will help you construct actionable goals.  Ones that will be more aligned with what residents want today, more innovation!

The fact is that today’s long-term care residents are not necessarily looking for more technology innovation, but things that make them more comfortable in their new life.  Implementing different exercise options, meal options, and even entertainment (such as planting a garden) are just some of the things they are searching for.

Now is the time for you to take advantage of this knowledge and start thinking about innovative ways you can enhance your facility and services.  Get to know your ideal resident.  What do they want?  What are their desires?  Once you understand their needs and wants, determine if you can provide them.  If not, it is time to make some changes!

Do not let innovation put you on the sidelines.  You can excel in senior care simply by paying attention!  When was the last time you asked senior residents what they want?  Ask them today!

Copyright: highwaystarz / 123RF Stock Photo