You did it – you got the interview, for what you think will be the best job for you!  Congratulations.  But, what happens at the end of the interview, could cost you the job offer.  Your end of interview questions could mean the difference in whether you make it to the next step – getting hired!  Asking the perfect questions at the end of your interview is critical.

So many job candidates ask the same compelling questions at the end of their interviews, and while these are “good” questions, wouldn’t you rather ask a question that is going to set you apart from the rest, and give you information that is valuable?  Of course, you would.  Here are a few questions you can ask at the end of your interview:

  • In many interviews, you will be given the opportunity to speak with other members of the workforce. If you have the chance to ask any of them a question, it should be – what experience have you had, that prepared you the most for this job and why?  This question often will give you a sense of the work environment and how other team members you will work with function.
  • The number one question you should ask the interviewer is – what makes this facility so special in relation to others? This gives the interviewer the sense that you are looking for more than “just a job,” but care about finding a place to work where you will feel at home.  In addition, this will give you valuable information about the facility you are considering working at.  What is important to them?
  • This next question will show that you did your homework before coming to the interview. Ask the hiring manager – I know that one of your company values is (fill in a value you found in your research), but how does that show in the workplace?

While many of the other job candidates will ask the normal leadership and role questions, you can ask these questions, which will give you more valuable information, and help you stand out in the interview.

Copyright: grinvalds / 123RF Stock Photo