It is no secret that long-term care, or senior care hiring managers continue to struggle to find qualified candidates for their open positions.  The biggest challenges seem to be finding quality workers, offering competitive wages, and turnover and retention.

While addressing each one of these challenges may seem insurmountable to many hiring managers, there are some things you can do to address them.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Many of today’s job candidates are looking to work for facilities that speak their language. For example, does your mission convey your values and goals?  Many candidates want to work for a facility that aligns well with their own values and goals.  If yours are not in your mission, you will miss out on quality candidates who find this important.
  • Are you having trouble offering competitive wages? Perhaps you need to look at some areas that would allow you to be more competitive, such as scheduling.  Offering proactive and flexible scheduling is a great way to be more competitive, and many candidates today are looking for different scheduling options.
  • Increasing your retention rates and lowering your turnover is often the hardest for hiring managers to control. However, there are many parts of the hiring process that affect retention.  Open communication and the onboarding process have both been shown to affect the retention and turnover in long-term care.  Make sure you evaluate and perfect your process to improve your retention.

Many senior care or long-term care facilities will be forced to adapt and change, as the industry continues to evolve.  While these tips above will help you with the biggest challenges you face, it is important that you continually develop and change.

Take control of your biggest challenges, engage your current employees, and watch how you will find quality candidates, you will be able to offer a competitive wage, and workers will want to stay with you for years.

Copyright: nyul / 123RF Stock Photo