As you begin to look for employment in the healthcare industry and more specifically in the senior care sector, you may want to understand the different options you have available in relation to how you work.  While these options were not available just a few years ago, many facilities are learning they must give you plenty of workforce types to choose from, or they will never keep their positions filled.

Here are a few things you need to know when choosing which is best for you:

  • Traditional Worker – while many facilities are offering alternative types of work options, many still want the traditional worker. You would still work at the facility, work your required hours, and earn your wage.  On the plus side, because this is the normal type of worker they have hired for years, the facility is typically very efficient at hiring.  However, on the downside, it does not give much wiggle room for you – what if you need an afternoon off for your child’s play?  This type of position is typically rigid and not very accommodating.
  • Outside Contractor – more and more facilities are starting to explore the hiring of more independent contractors. While it will still give them an on-site worker, it gives the contractor more flexibility in their schedule.  It allows the contractor to choose when and where they will work.  There has been some difficulty in adapting to this change for many facilities, but looks like it is a viable option for those that want more control over their day.
  • Transactional Worker – often referred to as temp employees in the past, this new term for workers is quickly become popular in the healthcare industry. Again, this workforce type would give you the control over your schedule, pay, and where you work.  Many who have chosen this option, are “on-standby” for several facilities.  When the facility has a need arise, they simply call and you work, if you are able.  While this does give you freedom over your schedule, there is the downside that you may go awhile with no work.

While most healthcare workers are used to working in the traditional worker role, there are some other options available to you.  Consider which workforce type is best for you!

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