In the long-term care industry, many hiring managers are facing problems with attracting and retaining candidates because of hourly rates.  While the competition is fierce today, many of these candidates would gladly accept a position and stay put, if they had the following offered to them:

  • Today’s candidates are looking at more than just the hourly wage they will receive, they want flexible schedules. While scheduling can be difficult for some businesses, in the senior living industry, it can be somewhat predictable.  Offering reliable, yet flexible schedules is a perk that most hourly candidates are looking for today.  If you do not offer this, you might want to consider it.
  • Do away with the annual reviews and go to a coaching method. The job candidates available today want to be motivated and inspired, they want instant feedback.  This includes mentoring and coaching them continually.  Demonstrate to your candidates that you have a review program that includes coaching and mentoring, and you will attract more top talent.
  • Learn to stay connected with your hourly candidates and employees. They flourish and want community to be a top priority in the company they work for.  This may mean communicating via text message, posting on social media, and offering information via an internal communication system.
  • Offer additional training and educational opportunities. While your candidates may be hired in as hourly employees to start, they want to advance and “move up the ladder.”  Be sure that you implement and offer programs that allow your candidates a visual to their path of success.

Recruiting hourly candidates in the long-term care industry does not have to be difficult, if you follow these easy tips.  Just like any other candidate or employee, they are looking for perks that make them want to work for you.  Consider adding some of them to your company today.

Copyright: highwaystarz / 123RF Stock Photo