As a healthcare professional, you are acutely aware of how much the healthcare landscape has changed over the last decade, and it is not done.  As the roles for healthcare professionals continues to change, it is important that you understand how these changes affect your role in the industry, and how you can convey this to hiring managers and recruiters.

Here are just a few things you must know about your changing role:

  • It is no secret that there is now a stronger emphasis on patient safety. This has been seen throughout the healthcare industry, and especially in senior living and long-term care.  As the focus continues to hone in on patient safety, it is important that you stay current in the latest trends in safety.  Make sure you understand, measure, and can demonstrate your compliance in healthcare quality and safety.  These are all measures that will be and are important to hiring managers and recruiters.
  • You have probably seen more and more healthcare facilities banning together. Many believe that more will merge together, to help ward off some of the time consumption and financial burden associated with the new regulations.  It is important that you understand these regulations and how they affect your role at the facility.  You can demonstrate this to hiring managers and recruiters by showing consistency and efficiency in some of the processes affecting these standards.
  • Financial accountability has become every employee’s role, with all the changes in the industry. As the transition to value-based care continues, it is important that you recognize your role and can show ways you have helped to reduce costs and save money.  Hiring managers and recruiters will want to see these attributes in their candidates.

While patient safety does remain the top priority in healthcare today, your role is ever changing.  To have the best chance in your job search, you must stay current on the trends and standards changes, and show hiring managers you can help achieve these goals.

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