Are you investing enough in tech at your long-term care facility?  Most likely the answer is no.  Current statistics showed that the majority of long-term care facilities today do not invest in enough technology, causing them to lose potential patients and making it difficult to recruit and retain staff.  Tech investment is something that you must consider to move forward in today’s competitive market.

Your technology is more than just equipment used at your facility, it is about your staff being able to efficiently work and stay connected with others, it is about your patients being safe with top notch video surveillance, and it is about their family members visiting and accessing wifi to show their loved one some new pictures.

Every person in your facility will need, want, and use technology at some point during their time there.  The fact that your tech investment is not up with other industries and even competitors, will leave you working extra hard to try and convince families and job candidates to come to your facility.  But why should they when you do not offer current technology?

It is important that you make the investment in your technology.  Consider adding or upgrading your security with enhanced mechanisms, such as electronic access control, video surveillance, and wireless locks.  Wireless connectivity is a must for everyone that enters your facility.  Implementing more community and resident engagement using digital technology is important to continued care and introducing more emerging technologies as they become available will help keep you in front of your competitors.

While some of your tech investment will evolve over time, it is important that you plan for it and implement it now.  New technology is released almost daily, and you should want to introduce it in your senior living space sooner, rather than later.

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