What are your fondest memories of food you ate when you were younger?  Most of us do not think about memories regarding food, however, seniors that are suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia, often revert back to meals they ate and enjoyed when they were younger.  Several senior care communities have found that food and memory care of their residents, go hand in hand.

Turning back the clock for these senior care residents can mean the difference between remembering and even eating at all.  Often, these residents will not eat as they cannot associate the food served to them as familiar.  Weight loss is a great concern and problem in many residents experiencing memory loss and memory care.

However, image turning back the clock for these senior care residents, where they will eat again and enjoy it.  Chefs from several of these communities are take dishes these seniors enjoyed in their earlier life and turning them into dishes that meet a higher standard.  Imagine turning some high-class dishes into childhood favorites, full of flavor and nutrients.  And, most importantly, serving them as finger foods so those suffering with memory care do not need to worry about how they eat it.

Many of these memory care residents have started to gain weight and are reliving a memory from their past.  They are feeling more comfortable with eating again, and these meals are providing them with great memory support.

As more and more facilities begin to adopt this type of food and memory care, more and more seniors and families will be able to share more meals together, which again helps with senior memory.  Another great benefit of adopting the food and memory care plan, is that many of these facilities have determined that they save on food costs.  When they make and serve these memory foods, there is less waste!  It is worth exploring at your facility.

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