It is no secret that many hiring managers in the senior care industry are struggling to find quality candidates, however, some have discovered that when you evaluate what you have, you may find the answers you have been looking for.

As the workforce transforms, and the growing population of adults needing senior care increases, businesses will need to rethink their responses to their labor shortages.  Here are a few suggestions to think about and look at internally:

  • Evaluating your staffing metrics is a good start to understanding your true staffing needs. It is no secret that as your census fluctuates, so too will your needs.  Examine your current staffing structure and look for problem areas, such as overtime usage and call-offs.  Determine a master schedule that can be used as a starting point.  Many determine that they can fluctuate their staff accordingly based on census.
  • It is imperative that you know and understand the capacity your current staff has. Whether they are full-time, part-time, or an on-call basis, make sure that you know the skill set for each, and the hours they are able to work.  Make a list of skills, cross-referenced with their available hours – you may find your answer to staff shortages.
  • Many businesses have found that by offering additional shifts to existing staff, they are not only able to have gaps covered, but they save money as well. Offering an incentive for current staff to pick up an additional shift will benefit you and your patients in the long run.

When you are well informed about your current staff and the needs of your facility, you are able to make a better decision before trying to hire.  This will allow you to streamline your hiring process, and concentrate on hiring for your specific needs.  Take the time to evaluate what you have right in front of you, before you try to find quality candidates.

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